About Colombia

Colombia has been, for 8 straight years, on the top 5 Latin-american destinations for meetings

Since the past 8 years, Colombia has escalated 7 positions on the scale of The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), for being one of the countries that organises high standard international meetings at a Latin-american level; it went from hosting 45 events in 2008 to 138 in 2015.

According to the last ICCA report, Colombia stands on the 4th place on the list of Latin-american countries that host the most international meetings, having developed a total of 138 events in 2015.

The other countries that also top the list at a Latin-american level are Brazil, with 292 events, Mexico with 184 events and Argentina with 181 events.

According to ICAA, Bogota appears on the list as the 6th city that hosted the most events in 2015 with a total of 45 registered events at a Latin-american level. Cartagena and Medellin follow up, each one with 36 events.

September, October and November are the main months in which events were held in Colombia.

According to the ICCA analysis, the average stay for a tourist attending the meetings in Colombia during 2015 was 3.5 days and the average daily expense was of 410.00 USD.

45% of the meetings in 2015 that were held in Colombia, discussed subjects focused on medical sciences, general sciences and education.

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