About Morocco

About Morocco

Morocco has in recent years modernised its economy, becoming a highly attractive platform and regional hub for investors and corporations.

This economic progress is reflected in the meetings industry, with a growing number of conferences, exhibitions and congresses centred on Morocco’s burgeoning industries. These include automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, renewable energy and finance, as well is its strongly rooted industries of agriculture, tourism, mining and phosphates.

To facilitate this growth and further support the global business community, Morocco has launched large-scale projects, elevating its infrastructure to international standards; successes include Tanger-Med Port, the enhanced highway network, a high speed rail network to link Tanger and Casablanca, and investment in the country’s airport infrastructure, thus creating the largest airport hub in the region.

According to the most recent ICCA report, Morocco ranks as the second most popular meetings destination in Africa and first in respect of North, West and Central Africa. Emulating these rankings is Marrakech: the second most popular city in Africa and first in North, West and Central Africa, accounting for approximately 50% of meetings in Morocco, followed by Casablanca, Tangier and Rabat.

The comprehensive proposition, together with the geostrategic location has attracted a steady increase in business travellers using Morocco as the international meeting point, bridging the US, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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