Life’s a cabaret my friend: Berlin’s Sleeping Beauties, Episode 7

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Life’s a cabaret my friend:  Berlin’s Sleeping Beauties, Episode 7

This week’s podcast is packed full of advice for speakers and explores how to command an audience without dying on stage; how to realise that failure is a MUST if you want know what really works. It also offers some great learnings from comedy greats Robin Williams and Whoopee Goldberg.



The lessons well illustrate just how important it is to tell your story and not be afraid of showing your weaknesses to win an audience over.

Standing up in front of an audience can be very empowering and, in these difficult times, laughter is definitely a great medicine.

Taking us on the above journey, our Berlin ‘Everyman’ Mark Felstead introduces us to Tammy Ingram, the mother of English comedy in Berlin.

Tammy learnt her craft from personal experience working with the both Robin Williams and Whoopee Goldberg, before coming to Berlin 20 years ago to make people laugh. She formed the English Comedy Club in Berlin, home to stand-up comedy and alternative cabaret, and offers an ‘underground’ perspective, as Germany’s capital of alternative and cabaret comedy, warts and all.

Tammy also gives some Masterclass advice on how to achieve ‘presence’ on stage and how to win over audiences.

Tammy is also a great source of information when it comes to Berlin’s not-so-well-known venues, and can be hired as a compare or presenter for your events in the city. You will also be amazed at her skills at impromptu voice-over.

Mark Felstead:

Learn more about Tammy Ingram here.


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