Take your seat on the Cloud for Berlin’s Sleeping Beauties podcast, Episode 9

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Take your seat on the Cloud for Berlin’s Sleeping Beauties podcast, Episode 9



AXICAA’s Mark Felstead this week talks to Sabine Reise, MD of AllSeated Germany, a digital company dedicated to supporting suppliers and buyers and bringing them together digitally and interactively on a virtual, cloud-based platform to sell or plan better their events.

Turn to hear how to upgrade your floor plans/event plans simply, to make them comply with Covid-19 social distancing and also how to host or join virtual site inspections and walk arounds complete with 360° and 3D images.

Our podcasters also discuss the value of making the most of any break from your job to re-set yourself with a heightened awareness and focus. And, just maybe, some 1,600-year-old Buddhist business principles may be as relevant as ever in this respect.

While, projecting forward, Mark examines how we are digitally bringing the events industry into the 21st century post-Covid and some of the positives that may have accompanied that process.

Sabine Reise quit her event sales job to spend some time in Nepal re-assessing her life and focus, before returning to form her own company, EasyRaum, as a tool to help show digitally the layout and seating configurations of hotel meeting rooms and venues for planners. The software tool helped both the venues sell their space and the event planners better visualise how the spaces would look for their events.

She led this company for six years before joining forces with the US/ Israeli company AllSeated to develop the project further.

Reise explains the access process for new venues or hotels wishing to join AllSeated is very straightforward. Using their algorithms you can simply and quickly update current venue capacities and floorplans to be Covid ready, while factoring in social distancing.


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