Thanks for the memories: Berlin’s Sleeping Beauties, Episode 11

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Thanks for the memories: Berlin’s Sleeping Beauties, Episode 11

In this, our final episode before a short summer break, our host Mark Felstead introduces us to Kieran Dennis – once a legend of Berlin’s event scene upped anchor and moved back to London where he now works as a DMC for Incentives and Cruise Ships. Kieran explains it is a business sub-sector that has been literally stranded over the last few months.

Kieran believes these businesses were unfairly demonised by the Covid-hungry media at the beginning of the pandemic and goes on to compare the UK London lockdown with the experience in Berlin.

Mark Felstead also gets involved into a philosophical discussion with Kieran about the merits of being extrovert, or not, in the events business. Which brings to mind a saying: ‘The meek may inherit the earth… if it’s alright with everyone else’. Well, the pandemic has acted as a catalyst for many to re-assess their true personalities. Some of our more introverted characters have certainly stepped up to the plate in these times of crisis, while some loud and usually lively types have withered under the pressure, so are the accepted character stereotypes still valid for those that work in the jungle that can be events and hospitality?

Mark signs off, for now, with a walk down memory lane, teasing out some reminiscences about the good times in Berlin; good times we are sure will return. Enjoy!



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