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Vilnius is a booming city that not all foreigners have knowledge of, but particularly enjoy when they find it. Vilnius has an impressive track record in delighting conference delegates with an unrivalled blend of world-class conferencing and down-to-earth hospitality. From our naturally green location to our internationally-acclaimed hotels, modern venues and creative spaces, Lithuania’s capital city is the perfect destination to inspire fresh ideas and connections to last a lifetime.

The capital of Lithuania is on the verge of something great businesswise. Talent, science, technology, and investment – each of these areas has been growing rapidly in Vilnius in the past few years. In order to achieve Vilnius’ full potential, we are developing strategies that focus on our priority sectors: shared service centres, Fintech, ICT, high tech manufacturing, and biotechnology. With world-class universities and research institute’s attracting world and scientific breakthroughs, Vilnius is a fast-developing and innovative ecosystem.

Vilnius is ready to delight congress delegates with unique venues and a range of affordable world class accommodation options, as well as a wide range of activities, including touring options that make Vilnius the city of choice for exceptional high-attendance events.

Delegates of various events can experience:

  • A safe and peaceful multi-cultural environment in a compact city
  • Some of the cleanest drinking water and air of all major EU cities
  • The world’s fastest public Wi-Fi, free hotspots in hotels and venues
  • One of the largest and most beautiful UNESCO-listed Old Towns in the CEE
  • Unique fun activities and a vibrant social scene
  • 10,000+ accommodation beds ranging from budget to 5 plus star
  • Modern shopping and dining venues

8 reasons to choose Vilnius for your next event:

  1. Easily Accessible. Vilnius Airport, situated just 15 minutes from the City Centre, is a hub of 21 airlines flying to over 54+ destinations. It’s less than 3 hours’ journey from any major European city.
  2. Safe & Peaceful. Vilnius is rated as one of the safest capitals in Eastern Europe. There is less than 3% risk of being harmed in a natural disaster.
  3. Compact City. Vilnius is a compact, pedestrian friendly city where main hotels, venues, restaurants and city sights are all within walking distance.
  4. First-Class Meeting Facilities. With 5,614 hotel rooms on offer, internationally acclaimed hotels, ultra-modern venues and a new wave of uber-cool creative spaces, Vilnius is here to inspire and excite you.
  5. Fast & Open. Vilnius is internationally recognised as one of the most knowledge-intensive and innovative cities with record scientific achievements in ICT, Biotech, Lasers, Fintech sectors.
  6. UNESCO Listed Old Town. Vilnius Old Town, with its unique cultural heritage, is among the largest in Eastern and Central Europe, included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  7. Clean & Green. Nearly half of Vilnius is green space: 3 times more than Amsterdam, Berlin and Warsaw. Drinking water is among the cleanest in Europe and Vilnius boasts some of the cleanest air of all major EU cities.
  8. Vibrant Social Scene. Smile throughout your event surrounded by resident of Vilnius, the happiest people in the EU. As the world’s best-connected city, Vilnius offers free Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels, venues and public spaces.



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